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I see you baby...shakin that ass [Nov. 11th, 2003|07:32 pm]
[I feel |curiouscurious]
[A good song |Harvey Danger- Flagpole sitta]

I didnt go to breakfast with joey this morning...things are weird now and i dont know what to do...so ill just sit tight and wait i suppose.
School was blah...i did pretty much nothing all day...then went home early cuz i had michelle at 2. I was going to go to the secretary of state but it was closed today, ah well...tomorrow.
I got my pictures back from friday night and some from other things...they are so cute i need to buy more picture frames.
I didnt have much to say to michelle...so we just kinda chilled and talked about random stuff.
I took a nap...but was awoken i dont know how many times by the door bell...my mom yelling "LORI?" (which i didnt reply to) and then the grand finale was my dog tyler having a total barking attack for like 10 minutes and no one did anything to make him be quiet. Oh well..its better off like that cuz then i will be able to sleep tonight.
Mindy's 21st birthday is tomorrow and i know exactly what im going to get her...i have to go shopping tomorrow.
24 is on tonight...which means i wont be going to bed till 10...damn.