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I hope theres ice on all the roads... - Peace... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I hope theres ice on all the roads... [Nov. 12th, 2003|09:18 pm]
[I feel |tiredtired]
[A good song |John Williams - harry potter theme]

I hate medication. Period the end.
I found out from tiff (not my doctor) that ambien causes tolerance, dependency, and withdrawl when you go off of it. And...after you take it for more then 2 weeks you can get rebound insomnia...which means its harder for you to sleep then it was before you took it, great. I suppose that must be why i take it and dont sleep good anymore. Your not supposed to take more then 10 mg...i took 15mg tonight. I knew sleeping pills were bad...i just knew it.
Mindy's 21st birthday is today! :)
I thought about a ton of stuff today...just a ton...mostly all depressing stuff: i.e. my dads heart attack...putting my dog to sleep...my papa sams funeral...just reliving crazy depressing stuff like that. Thats why i like sleeping..because you cant think about things...and you may dream..but at least when you wake up you know it was a dream and after a little while you forget about the dream.
Tomorrow is going to be one hell of a boring day...because im going to be in lrc the whole day...since im not taking the test in 2nd hour
I just watched 2 episodes of south park...man i love cartman...and towlie now.